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Return of the Interdimensional War, Parts 1 and 2




Martians from the Past

A group of martians from billions of years ago are sent to 2040, finding out that their planet is dried up. Blaming it on the humans, they attempt to dry up Earth.



A Force From the Future, Parts 1 and 2

An army from the future comes to 2040 to find the book from 2093, but both the main character from the time where he found the book and the main character from present-day 2040 work separately on stopping them.


???, ???

Cold War Reality, Parts 1 and 2

The Hargonians travel through time to the times of the Cold War. The main character follows them to stop the missiles they launched from attacking the United States or the Soviet Union.



Seeing The Future 2: The 100,000,000 Year-New Pandemic

When the main character fixes up his Pastvision Scopes, he ends up taking a look 100 million years into the future, where a pandemic is killing newborn babies and, therefore, wiping out the human race.



Return of the Robo-Dynasty, Parts 1-6

The robots mentioned in Robo-dynasty, Parts 1-3 rebuild their armies and attack Earth again. The main character assembles a team of androids and cyborgs to stop them, but both androids and cyborgs get in a flamewar with each other.



Dinosaur Civilization

This chapter provides an alternate theory to how the dinosaurs were wiped out. When the main character travels back to the time of the dinosaurs, he discovered that the dinosaurs set up an advanced civilization, so advanced that they met closely with human civilization in 2037. However, tensions grew as different species were fighting for power, similar to a more destructive version of our Cold War. The fuse blew when a nuclear weapon exploded in what is now the Strait of Gibraltar. A nuclear war erupted, and it all ended when a powerful nuclear missile hits the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It resulted in a catastrophic cycle of events that eventually killed them all (you know what happened). Since they still didn't perfect space travel, only a few escaped.



The First Space Battle

It is what it is, the first battle in space between the humans and the Hargonians.



Moon Property Battle, Parts 1-3

In these chapters, the moon is transformed into an inhabitable Earth copy, but the Hargonians try to conquer it. In the end of part two, the main character is assumed to be dead because his battle cruiser exploded when he rammed it into Dontrek's (the leader of the Hargonians) attack ship in an attempt to destroy Dontrek.



Lords of Jupiter's Moons, Rings of Icy Fire, Conquering Jupiter, Parts 1 and 2, and The Mexican Missile Crisis, Parts 1-4

All chapters from Moon Property Battle, Part 3 to The Mexican Missile Crisis, Part 4, are being narrated by an alternate character rather than the main character.

*Lords of Jupiter's Moons: The alternate character (who turns out to be the main character's little sister), falls into a pit of depression after his big brother was assumed to have died, and falls even further when his two other big brothers are kidnapped. Both of them are conquering Jupiter's moons because they were brainwashed by Dontrek to do so.

*Rings of Icy Fire: The two brothers break out of Dontrek's spell (not saying that he's a wizard or that there is any magic in the book), but are still foes to both humans and Hargonians alike. So the Hargonians try to defeat the two brothers by using the power of Saturn's rings.

*Conquering Jupiter, Parts 1 and 2: The two brothers turn Jupiter into a smaller version of Jupiter about the diameter of two Earths, then convert it into an Earth copy. The Hargonians fight for the Earth copy, the humans fight against the Hargonians, the two brothers resist against both forces, and the sister works on taking her brothers home to help them.

*The Mexican Missile Crisis, Parts 1-4: Mexico surrenders to the newly formed Soviet Union and the Soviets hand Mexico a set of nuclear missiles. Soon, Mexico breaks away from the Soviets by "nuclear persuasion", which meant nuking the U.S.S.R. until they gave up. Then, the Mexicans aim the first missile to Magnalopolis. The sister, leading an army of Californians, fails to prevent the missile launch. While the missile was on its way to California, it was soon swallowed up by a miniature black hole. After an explosion, the main character bursts out of the black hole and was able to stop the Mexicans from launching the rest of the missiles.



The Explanation, Parts 1-3

Narration is resumed by the main character in these chapters. The main character explains how he survived the crash in Moon Property Battle, Part 2. He escaped by using an escape pod minutes before the explosion. He crash-landed on Zantrax I, 180 million light years away from home. As he looked for a place to stay for the night, he found a Hargonian prison. He went in and freed Hargonians who turned out to mean no harm and who later helped him get back home. As he traveled back home, he got captured by Lissia, who turned out to be Dontrek's new second-in-command. (Tormox used to be Dontrek's second-in-command, but he was destroyed by the main character's sister in Moon Property Battle, Part 3.) Dontrek tells the main character about his invention that actually controls a superpowerful black hole and his plan to destroy Earth with the black hole, and, after that, Lissia activates the machine. The machine malfunctions and gets destroyed by the black hole. Dontrek escapes, but Lissia gets swallowed by the black hole. The main character gets swallowed, too, but escapes by using an influx that takes him out of the hole. He ends up in the chapter The Mexican Missile Crisis, Part 4 and stops the Mexicans from attacking Magnalopolis.


???, ???

Saving the Hargonians, Parts 1 and 2

The main character tells his friends that the superpowerful black hole is heading for the Zantrax Superstar, the star in the center of the Zantrax System. After much convincing by the main character that there were some Hargonians that don't want war with Earth, he and his friends invent a bomb that can destroy black holes and head near the black hole. The Hargonians capture the team, but they were both convinced to work together to stop the black hole. One of the specially designed bombs are successfully launched and destroy the black hole. A shock caused by the bomb shut down the battle cruiser that they were all in, but luckily, the main character's two brothers, mentally cured, save all of them from the explosion that followed. After success, the Hargonians steal one of the bombs, but it was a trap in disguise that trapped the Hargonians. The Hargonians were launched to Zantrax I while the rest head home.



Discovery of the Voyager I Refugee

A living person is found on the Voyager I Spacecraft, but the Hargonians abduct him to learn how he survived.


???, ???

The 10,000 Problem, Parts 1 and 2

An unnamed madman is setting up a time capsule heading to the year 10,000 containing a computer with a powerful computer virus installed in it. The main character tries to stop him, but gets trapped in the time capsule. What seemed like hours later, he is released in December 31, 9999. While he is enjoying the future, he forgets about the computer virus, and it gets launched at midnight, crashing the entire planet in seconds. The main character then uses the only disconnected computer left on Earth to transmit himself into the already ravaged internet. He finds the virus and wipes it out, and is able to return to his time to stop the virus from entering the time capsule in the first place. Because of the change in the timestream, a few seconds after the virus was supposed to take effect, something even more disastrous happens.



The Bedtime Brothers

The main character and his brothers fight non-Californian armies while dreaming.


???, ???

Rotten To the Core, and Nuclear Volcanic Meltdown

In Rotten To the Core, an unnamed madman builds a nuclear bomb so powerful that it can swallow up the United States in one burst, but, instead of using it on the United States, he drills it into the Earth's core. The main character tries to stop the bomb from detonating, but when he arrives at the perfectly positioned bomb, it blows up. In Nuclear Volcanic Meltdown, the main character, shook by the bomb's detonation, is blasted out of Mt. Shasta. Volcanic eruptions happen all over the planet. The main character, his family, and his friends have to survive the disaster.



Tiki Power Search, Parts 1-6

The main character and his friends and family must find the 12 Experimental Tikis of Mass Destruction.

*Part 1: The eighth tiki is found turning people into mini-stars. Luckily, this is countered. The main character finds the first tiki in his kitchen cupboard later that night and, hoping to gain the power of invisibility, touches it. He later discovered that the tiki was meant to make people disappear, and he found that he was starting to disappear. He travels through time to stop this from happening, but he soon found out that the disappearance still stays, even if the person who touched it altered the course of time so he never touched it. He runs to find the antidote, but fails to make it, and disappears completely.

*Part 2: The main character reappears in a bouncy prison cell near Tejon Pass with other people who touched the first tiki. They escape, and run to Wheeler Ridge. The sixth tiki is found there, causing a rain that shrinks everything out of existence.



The United States vs California

This chapter displays information about the latest battle between the United States and California.



Off-Camera Debut, Parts 1 and 2

As you can guess, it is about television characters entering our world.



The Final Battle Begins, Meteor Destruction, Survival of the Prepared, Global Retaliation, and The Final Battle Ends. These are the first five of the six last chapters in the book.

*The Final Battle Begins: TBA

*Meteor Destruction: TBA

*Survival of the Prepared: TBA

*Global Retaliation: TBA

*The Final Battle Ends: TBA


To be continued...

A3 Chapter Info

Chapter ???: Back to Normal, I Hope: The last chapter in the book, TBA

Chapter Info Not Yet Sorted Out

Chapters ???-???: Ultimate Suspense Thriller, Parts 1-24: This saga is supposed to be held near the end of the book, and contains everything which will make it an edge-of-your-seat classic.


Chapter ???: On the Centennial, Off to Court: This chapter takes place in late 2041 when the main player is sued for an attack on the headquarters of a group celebrating their centennial. Find out which one it is in the book.


Chapter ???: A Meeting With The Creator: This chapter forms the idea that creators of a book, movie, television series, or practically any object containing a story can create a new dimension. After the Hargonians capture the author of this book, it's a race against time to stop them from changing the author's created dimension to represent the Hargonians' twisted realm. After the rescue, it is said that the majority of people in the book adopted a new religion based on the author's way of creation.


Chapter ???: Semiexistence: TBA


Chapters ???-???: U.S. vs E.U., Parts 1-7: TBA


Chapters ???-???: Through the Pillar of Infinity: TBA

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