The War Amongst the States Chapter Info

Chapters 1-9: (years 2009-2037) On February 17, 2009, Hargonians, which are a race of extraterrestrial beings from a solar system millions of light years away, shut down and invade the United States. With help from the main character, the force is eventually pushed out, and with help from the United Nations, the country is rebuilt. California, however, is the state with the least reconstruction in the country, and after a bunch of uprisings and large-scale migrations out of the state, Congress passed a law prohibiting Californian emigration. Soon, California became worse and worse with more passing laws that ruin California, and eventually, everyone blames the main character. He gets sent to a maximum-security prison to get executed, but he escaped and starts to regain his people's trust in him. The main character manages to reduce the impact of the laws, and runs for president twice, in the elections of 2028 and 2032, suceeding in 2032. After he resigned in 2037, however, bombs destroy every state and national capital in the U.S.. Reaching its breaking point, California attempts to secede. In an attempt to break away from the United States, its militia bombs Texas and New York, thus causing a new civil war which tears the country apart for years.


This is just the beginning of what to expect, and there will be over 350 chapters in the book. For your sake, I've decided to divide the chapters into these three formats:


B3: That means that those chapters happened before World War 3.


D3: That means that those chapters happened during World War 3.


A3: That means that those chapters happened after World War 3. This format is used by only one chapter, the resolution chapter. Don't worry about this as much as the first two.


We also have information about the book that you might be interested in. Just look for the Book Trivia subsection.


So, go to the top of the page and look for B3 and D3 and A3 in the top left-hand corner, then click on one of them.

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