The War On California Info

(This book takes place in 2008, before the plot of The War Amongst the States takes place.) Read about the first interdimensional war as the same main character from The War Amongst the States battles the Hargonians and their plans of conquering the planet.


It all starts in the rural lands of the San Joaquin Valley as the main character and his two brothers test Travel and Conquest, a prototype multiplayer world conquest computer game developed by the main character. At that same time, the Hargonians begin their raid on California by starting on destroying San Diego. They make themselves virtual, thus invisible by physical means, while actually damaging San Diego. The main character and his brothers attack the Hargonian armies, but lose the battle. The stretch of Interstate Highway 5 between San Diego and Los Angeles as well as the California-Mexico Border, Interstate Highway 15 from San Diego to the east Los Angeles area, and Interstate Highway 8 from San Diego to Calexico is closed to prevent further intrusion, and all schools in Southern California are closed temporarily.


The plan doesn't work that much, as Los Angeles is raided and nuked using the same plan the Hargonians used on San Diego. As a result, bomb shelters reach their boom as everyone buys one to prevent nuclear eradication, the entire Interstate Highway system is shut down, and emphasis is taken by blockading Highway 101 to Ventura, Highways 8 and 10 to Phoenix, Highway 40 to Flagstaff, and Highway 15 to Las Vegas, and the Tejon Pass is blown up to prevent intrusions to the Central Valley, Sacramento, and the Pacific Northwest.


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