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After game show officials search for contestants for the new game show The Next Billionaire all over the United States on June and July 2029, they bring all 10,000+ contestants to an arena in Seattle where they will begin the first rounds on September of that year. After those rounds, the remaining 2,000 contestants move on to Miami, where the final 400 move on to Phoenix, and then to Nashville at 80. Even though they are being seen on television, they never go back to their former lives, even if they are eliminated and later reported missing. After the Nashville round, the nervous 32 finalists move to arenas across the country, where they will be eliminated one by one in a public vote right after their game show performances, the first elimination being on the first Tuesday of 2030 just after the competing and voting the day before, on December 31, 2029. The book focuses on the eight final contestants who have been bitter rivals ever since they have known about each other when the top 32 were competing against each other. One of them managed to find a journal containing the history of the person offering the $1,000,000,000 grand prize, but that person soon gets eliminated. Another finds an army that that person is raising, but ends up eliminated. More to be announced later...




990,000 non-entrants: up to $100

8,000 eliminated in the first round: $500

1,600 eliminated in the second round: $2,500

320 eliminated in the third round: $12,500

48 eliminated in the fourth round: $62,500

The first 16 eliminated fron the final 32: $125,000

The first 8 eliminated from the final 16: $250,000

The first 4 eliminated from the final 8: $500,000

Fourth Place: $1,000,000

Third Place: $2,500,000

Second Place $10,000,000

First Place: (as announced in the first rounds): $1,000,000,000

                 (as announced in the Final 4 round): $1,001,000,000

                 (as announced in the Final 3 round): $1,010,000,000

                 (as announced in the Final 2 round): $1,100,000,000

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