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This novel is supposed to provide a story about what will happen if a 21st century book full of information of everything that has happened up until 2010 gets sent to random places 1000 years ago, thus not only advancing world progress, but also destroying normal life, and even the world itself with the book's ideas.


The book is divided into different stories, explaining the people who used the book for their personal gain and/or the glory of their empire.


Here's the current list:


  • Queen Elizabeth's Story (16th Century)
  • Cortez's Story (1518-1519)
  • Montezuma's Story (1519-1523)
  • King George III's Story (1755-1771)
  • Benjamin Franklin's Story (1771-1777)
  • Napoleon's Story (1813-1816)
  • Fremont's Story (1845-1852)
  • Grant's Story (1862-1870)
  • Hitler's Story (1937-1941)
  • Anne Frank's Story (1941-1944)
  • Hitler's Story Again (1944)
  • MacArthur's Story (1944-1955)
  • Eisenhower's Story (1955-1958)
  • Batista's Story (1958-1959)
  • Castro's Story (1959-1964)
  • Johnson's Story (1964-1967)
  • Neil Armstrong's Story (1967-1969)
  • Schmitt's Story (1972)


more to come...

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