Other Upcoming Novels

Search For Julian's Treasure (over 500 years from now)


In this book, a group of teenagers go to California to find a collection of U.S. pennies that were once owned by Julian Espinoza.


Post-Apocalyptic: Restoring a Killed Earth (year 10,000)


In this book, a person from the 2040s has to help a group of people put Earth back together after a worldwide blackout accompanied by a nuclear volcanic meltdown (you'll find out what it is in its tab above) blows the Earth up.


The Unabridged History of California


This book contains all of the history of California, with a new change. It features info about The War Amongst the States from 2009 to the end of World War III in the 2040s.


The Same Wet Mystery (2000s)


What if the author, when he was sinking in a river, waiting to get rescued, actually drowned and his corpse flowed downstream? You follow two separate mysteries as an omniscient character as they lead up to an unexpected finale.


You Must Be Under 18 To Read This


Learn about the dark side of this author as you see children rebelling against their parents for divine right of their families.


The War On California (2008)


Read about the first interdimensional war as the same main character from The War Amongst the States battles the Hargonians and their plans of conquering the planet.


Manuscripts From Tomorrow (11th Century)


This novel is supposed to provide a story about what will happen if a 21st century book full of information of everything that has happened up until 2010 gets sent to random places 1000 years ago, thus not only advancing world progress, but also destroying normal life and even the world itself with the book's ideas.


Websites of the Future (late 2040s)


What if you can see the future through the Internet with just the right Web address? One hacker finds the answer out for himself when he mistakenly types a URL that leads him to a web site from the year 2054. Others, however, begin spying on him, and everyone searches for the truth of the future. But will the search for the future actually wreck the world in the present?


The Next Billionaire (2029-2030)


Join 8 different rivals as they compete in the latest hit game show to win never-before-offered fortunes and find out which one of the 10,000 participating contestants will be the next billionaire.


Julian's Short Stories


These stories reveal unimaginable possibilities that only the author can reveal. The link to those stories will be revealed shortly.


Emirate-Side (2011)


A twelve year-old gets kidnapped and ends up in rapidly-growing Dubai, where he explores and learns about the city and Muslim culture while trying to earn money for a plane ticket home.


Weaving History From Dreams (2009-2010)


A kid finds out that his dreams and nightmares reveal themselves in staggering reality days later. The child seeks desperately for help to ease his fears and keep the planet in check again, although someone wants to influence dreams of him conquering the world in the little kid's dreams.


No Favorites, Not Yet (2034)


This book displays some of the most intense games in World Cup U.S./Mexico 2034 leading up to the finals match between the United States and Mexico, a rivalry refueled, and a person that can't seem to choose one team over another because of its Mexican/American heritage.


Government Teen (2015)


As a teenager raised by the U.S. government to spy for them, the person is suprised how diverse teen culture is. But while the person is taking it all in, the government hunts that person down. Will the teen ever be able to be like a normal person?


Earthquake 9.8: The Survival and Revival of California (2048)


The dreaded 'Big One' arrives and practically destroys most of modern Californian life.


Forgotten America (alternate history, 1932-2017)


In a twist in the course of events, Christopher Columbus' fleet perished on their way to America. Because of that, everyone has feared sailing across the Atlantic or Pacific. Since the fear has gripped the Old World, Europeans had only overrun Africa, Asia, and Australia, causing two world wars, the first with the Chinese and Russians attempting to force the English and Spanish out of China and Siberia (1728-1742, Russia loses its European portion, while China loses its south portion, with both China and Russia eventually fighting each other) and the second with England against Spain with the French, Portuguese and Italians siding with Spain and the Dutch, Germans, and Prussians siding with England (1794-1815, Spain wins, but Prussia, Italy, the Netherlands, and eventually England gets razed by a partnership with the Ottoman Empire and Russia). No one discovers the New World until the age of aviation, when Australian Jack Lowe flies across the ocean from New Guinea to the Sahara, only to land in present-day Monterrey, Mexico, thinking that he had landed in the Congo. When he finally realized he was on a new landmass, and manages to purify crude oil and use it as fuel, he flies the last leg of the journey to the Sahara, and then heads for Spain to tell the Queen about his journey (he was born in Spanish Australia, today known as the province of Western Australia and parts of South Australia and Northern Territory). Spain sends an armada of ships, aircraft carriers, and airplanes to explore the site. When Russia, Ottoman Arabia (now known as the Ottoman Empire), Germany, France, Irish Britain, (otherwise known as Ireland, Scotland, and Wales), and other countries hear about the discovery, they send their scout troops to the New World to investigate. With the discovery of vast lands filled with riches and empires such as the Second Aztec Dynasty (basically the Aztec Empire, but with an established government), the Northern Nations Alliance (the Five Nations, but with numerous other tribes joining, like the Cherokee, Sioux, and Inuit), and the Incan Empire (now expanded to Argentina, Uruguay, and Venezuela), the world becomes estatic and terrified at the same time. A whole new conflict has arrived, and this time, there are many rivals fighting for conquest on both sides. What will be the result when all is said and done?


Unsweetened (2231-2235)


This story takes place in a future where, after world health has risen and people want to keep it that way, substances like sugar, caffeine, and salt have been banned in the European Union. That, however, doesn't stop certain people in the E.U. (especially doctors who knew about the obesity conspiracy that started about 250 years ago) from cultivating it and selling it in places like the United States and other countries that haven't banned the products. This starts a giant conflict with North America and the European Union, but in the end, will North America ban what they were buying, or will the European Union lift the ban on what they're selling?


Topic: The Reach of the Sol Planet (2030-2038)


Hundreds of light years away, the Interstellar Union of Varying Populations meet in their latest series of meetings in order to discuss what to do with Earth, which is still trying to contact extraterrestrial life.


True Woman-ity (2785-2789)


History starts to reverse itself as women are shown, as said in some late 28th Century surveys, to influence the planet significantly more than men. This book takes place after the Female Order has been organized, thus leaving them in charge in all of the world's decisions.


The Only Legal Non-Military Force on the Planet (2011-2012, at least)


As the recesion keeps taking hold, a rise in people the U.S. Government labeled as 'at-home terrorists' aim for California's, and the nation's, riches. Although there are 'good guys' fighting against them all over the state, the Government also persue them, labeling them 'vigilante extremists'. Only one non-military hero has been federally allowed to track down vigilantes and terrorists, reveal their identities (because most are part of secret organizations or cults or just want to keep themselves secret) and turn them in to the authorities. This hero is known as the Quotient, and will keep perfoming these actions until Homeland Security announces that crime is low again and the Quotient is honorably discharged from the service.


World in Progress: Progress Report (depending on the release of the online game of the same name)


Based on the World in Progress online game, it shows the stories of amateurs and professionals alike as they pull off life-changing feats in the game or die trying (at least temporarily).


United States vs. European Union: The War For True Democracy (2935-2998)


As of this time, the United States and the European Union are the only two major democratic nations on Earth, and it becomes apparent that only one superpower can survive. However, they don't fall prey to war until two rival underground organizatons that support either side launch war against each other and send its effects to the U.S. and E.U. Eventually, the U.S. and E.U. no longer tolerate each other, and both sides, along with their allies, go to war.


Out-Spaced and Out-Timed (2058)


After someone was given the gift to travel to another universe, he confiscates an important invention from that existential plane. Even though they banned him from visiting that universe again, he still held the invention and used it to quicken the speed of light, thus making important extraterrestrial necessities like intergalactic travel possible. However, his invention may cause the acceleration of the end of his universe by the theoretical Big Rip, and since he has nowhere to escape to that is unaffected, he has to figure out the solution before there's nothing left to save.


(to be determined) (2059)


An extraterrestrial organization from 520 light-years away has noticed Earth for the first time, and found out firsthand how immoral and corrupt the planet can be. They realized that if this 'disease' spreads to the 'moral' planets, than there could be no way to resolve the situation. One of the beings, however, has decided to go to Earth and see if he can cleanse the planet of its bad ideals before the organization itself destroys Earth's population using an artificial gamma-ray burst.


More to come...


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