Novel Timelines

The following timeline applies to all novels except for Manuscripts From Tomorrow:


February 17, 2009: The Hargonians launch their attack on the United States in order to conquer the nation, thus making them a potential threat to the world. Fortunately, pockets of revolts push them back.


Later that month: Reconstruction begins in the United States, and the United Nations help out.


2015: The European Union beats the United States as the most powerful country in the world.


May 8, 2017: A law is passed saying that anyone who lives in California or stays there for more than four days can't leave for anything, increasing the level of uprisings in the state.


2023: The main character becomes mayor of Porterville, California, and then county governor of all of Tulare County. He retires in 2027.


January 27, 2027: The main character from The War Amongst the States overhears plans for a secret meeting.


February 16, 2027: A secret meeting among a secret society is called for to discuss passing another unconstitutional law.


February 17, 2027: The governor unknowingly passed the law, saying that all Californians will lose their rights forever. This starts an era of bad times that lasts until 2033.


April 17, 2027: The main character from The War Amongst the States enters the race for presidency for 2029.


November 7, 2028: The main character from The War Amongst the States loses the election by one state: California.


April 17, 2031: The main character from The War Amongst the States tries again for the presidency, and succeeds on November 2, 2032.


January 20, 2033: The main character from The War Amongst the States accepts the role as President of the United States and disables the set of unconstitutional laws that plagued California a few weeks later.


October 4, 2033: Magnalopolis, California is chosen to host the Games of the XXXVII Olympiad, otherwise known as the Olympic Games of 2040.


January 20, 2037: The main character from The War Amongst the States officially resigns as President, but when he leaves Washington, D.C., a bomb levels the capital. He escapes, but discovers that every state capital in the United States is being bombed. Sacramento, California was last, and, after that, California, still struggling to revive itself, begins to secede from the U.S.


February 1, 2037: California attacks Texas and New York, thus causing the Second American Civil War.


July 17, 2040: The Olympic Games begin in Magnalopolis. At the end of the Games, on August 17, hidden bombs in the medalists' medals kill the medalists.


August 18, 2040: The United Nations representatives meet in New York City accusing each other's countries of blowing up all of the medalists. The representatives are all killed by a bomb attack at the United Nations building in New York City, thus causing World War III hours later.


January 1, 10000: January 1, 10000: In 'The War Amongst the States', a computer virus has taken effect, shutting down the entire planet. However, the event has been prevented by stopping the virus back in the 2040s. With the effect negated, in 'Post Apocalyptic: Restoring a Killed Earth', a worldwide blackout, crossed with a nuclear bomb explosion in the center of the Earth's core, causes a nuclear volcanic meltdown that splits the Earth into pieces that are flying away from the bomb explosion.


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